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Today's trend of clothing range from many varieties of stocks. Some of them are clothing, like t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves shirts, v necks and all other clothing types which can be worn for different purposes. These clothing come in different forms of designs, which can be attractive and elegant depending on who wants to purchase the clothing.

T-shirts are created with a unit of measurement that is determined by the fitness of the cotton thread. A normal coil of a single layer cotton thread is stated to as a 20s cotton and if in the case of 30 spools of cotton which weigh one pound, then the thread on those coils are referred to as a 30s cotton thread. If it takes up to 40 coils to weigh a pound, then the thread is referred to as a 40s cotton. What this means in totality is that the higher the number of the thread which is fine, then the softer the fabric for making the t-shirt is made.

These terms can be stated in a diversity of ways but the number that totals is the 20s. What these means is that the thread can be twisted into thicker strands together but this is also dependent on the type of material employed for the creation of the fabric. To this end, there are many materials of which a good t-shirt can be made from, which can also determine its quality, durability, and price in the market. These materials include;

The ones made from the bamboo fabric; the t-shirts or clothing made from the bamboo fabric is made from the bamboo cellulose, through a matter known as rayon. The rayon is a manmade synthetic material that many experts agree that it is readily biodegradable. The bamboo fabric is an excellent material as it is well known for its extreme softness and it has an excellent drape collar.

The bamboo on its own is a fast-growing plant which is available in huge quantities in locations like Asia, the Amazons of the Brazilian wetlands and a host of other wetlands. The bamboo is classified as a grass plant and it is always readily available for the processing of a rayon clothing material. The process of processing the clothing goes through a series of procedures which can involve the bleach washing, which is a process of which bleach is applied to the rayon to make the bamboo transform into a rayon clothing material.

A feature of the t-shirt is the wide neckline collar which runs across the collarbone location of the body and it extends downwards to the shoulder points of the body. This feature is known as the boat neck collar, which has its history with early sailors, who have discovered the usefulness of the boat neck collar which is most useful especially in situations when the sailor fell overboard into the sea. The collar extends itself to allow a quick removal of the shirt.  


Another material which is used in the production of the t-shirt is the brushed cotton. This method involves the removal of excess lint and fibers from the cotton fabric and in the case of the brushed cotton there is usually a sort of soft smooth finish. The burn out is another procedure which uses sulfuric acid and any other equivalent acid to burn out the parts of the fabric knit, which may be either a polyester/cotton blend. The process allows a see-through view of the shirt that gives it a nice effect.

There are seemingly many types of t-shirts on sale in the markets of today. These t-shirts are made from different sources and the shirts all come with various designs imprinted on them by their manufacturers. Thus one of the most soughed shirts in the market today is the Shelby and the magnolia t-shirt. The Shelby and magnolia t-shirts range in different sizes, shapes, and designs, hence the type of material involved in the making determine its durability, and hence this factor too affects its market price. 

The Shelby and magnolia t-shirts can be designed just like every other t-shirt, hence one understands the concept of designs and the person knows his products well as well as the target market. The truth is that we have more designers who keep entering the t-shirt business. This similarly is a growing trend and it continues to increase as the year's progress by. There are many unbelievable t-shirts out on the market today and given the adorable designs that people continue to put up today has made the t-shirt business a competitive one. This factor account for one of the reasons why some people choose not to engage in the t-shirt business even though they have the zeal to start the business.  

However, this motive has to be discouraged because anyone with a zeal for t-shirt design can make it out there, given the fact that the person makes his plans and overcome all the challenges that may arise in his pursuit of the plan.

The truth is that the clothing industry is always open to one who has an innovative idea which differs what the normal trend of clothing is like and the person has a sponsor who is willing to bring his designs into the consumer market.

In order to make a Shelby or Magalia t-shirt, one must understand that it is a period for the employment of absolute creativity skills and that the person needs to understand that a worthwhile design needs to be employed in the making of this exquisite material.

A first thing to understand in the creating of the design for this material is that it has to stem from something which inspires you. The aim of the t-shirt is to produce display an imaginary work of art which comes to mind whenever it is viewed.

The Shelby and Magalia t-shirt design are not only limited to the t-shirt design alone, but it can also be employed in the making of caps, sports t-shirt, corporate apparels, hats, school wears and a host of many others. Many types of colorful designs can be employed in the designing of the material as it makes it have an elegant outlook.

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